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Family Law Attorney

Lily Van Patten

Although Lily was born into the bustling big-city life of San Francisco, California, she enjoys her full share of local North Carolina food, culture, and southern hospitality. In fact, Lily spent the better part of her childhood growing up in the outskirts of Charlotte, North Carolina. During her teenage years in the Queen City, Lily received a phone call that her grandmother living in California had fallen ill with Alzheimer’s disease. Although she first found it humorous that her 85 year-old grandmother had nonchalantly rented out her doghouse to local homeless men, grandma’s health situation quickly became dire. In response, Lily and her father squeezed themselves into his Mini Cooper, and drove the 10-day journey across America and back, eventually bringing Grandma back to their home in North Carolina to live. It was this experience that first spurned Lily’s fascination with the enigmatic “Law,” as well as the urgent need for advocacy in today’s justice system.

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Family law affects people personally and emotionally. They involve whom we choose to share our lives with and how we raise our children. Decisions made in family court can affect your family and your finances for many years to come. That is why we believe retaining experienced North Carolina representation is important to assist you with your legal issues.

Our family law attorneys have more than four decades of experience helping North Carolinians resolve a wide range of family law matters. You can rely on our skills and experience to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your legal situation. To discuss your concern, please contact an attorney at our law offices in either the Johnston County Smithfield location or the Wake County Garner location today.

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