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Top Fictional Lawyers of All Time


TV shows and movies are a great platform to showcase creativity mixed with facts that hold ground in reality. Over the past decade, TV shows and movies have done a great deal of producing shows which realistic performances combined with the law. Hence here are some of the top fictional lawyers of all time.

Atticus Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird)

The award-winning novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ is sure to have made it to every reader’s list. A book so classic and natural that its characters tend to remain in our minds for a long time. After being adopted into an Oscar-winning film, the character was played by Gregory Peck. A performance so unique and special that it remains as one of the main reasons why many people got inspired to take up a job with the law.

Saul Goodman (Breaking bad/Better Call Saul)

“You don’t want a criminal lawyer… you want a criminal lawyer,”. Jesse Pinkman knew precisely what he wanted when he used the following words to describe the man that was Saul Goodman. A lawyer first seen by everybody through the hit show ‘Breaking Bad’, Saul Goodman was a classic criminal lawyer known for going beyond boundaries to make his clients look innocent. The character played by Bob Odenkirk was so successful that it got its very own spin-off series with ‘Better Call Saul’. The show was unique in showing in detail how an ordinary lawyer named James Morgan McGill becomes Saul Goodman.

Harvey Specter (Suits)

Style and brains went hand in hand when the audience witnessed this character on screen. A show which was successful in making people want to buy the suits worn by Harvey was well written with performances so unique and brilliant. Gabriel Macht was well credited for portraying this smart and intelligent character who changed the essence and meaning of style. Fans of the hit show always tend to fall into arguments with fans of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul to decide the better lawyer. This raging debate is yet to come to a conclusion.

Jack McCoy (Law & Order)

This scotch loving District Attorney is well credited for being one of the major highlights of this show. A person with a fiery personality, Jack McCoy through the years earned the nickname ‘Hang’ em High McCoy’. The character portrayed by Sam Waterston, Law & Order was considered to be an iconic show which ran for 20 years. The audience always credited the show for being humorous, shocking and filled with suspense right from the beginning. Due to its excellent references and implications on the law, it turned out to be a show which was recommended for many budding lawyers and children.